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We're building the fastest analytics service. Ever.

Demo: or or (testing)

To setup on your own website just include this in your header or footer:

<script async src=""></script>

Then go to[your website] to see your analytics!


If you have as your website, simply add the script above between your <head> tags and go to

Why should you use Rapid Analytics?

FeaturesRapid AnalyticsSimple AnalyticsFathom Analytics
Speed*Under 90msUnder 580msUnder 420ms
Not on blacklists?
Under $2 a month?
Host entire service on your subdomain?
Number of data-centers?194169
End to end encryption and hashing?
Price for under 1,000,000 visitors monthly$0$19$14
*Speed is calculated as the average response time from 7 data centers around the world. To be clear, the current "production" branch is running at under 1000ms latency as of November 23rd. I am still stress testing the under 90ms branch for deployment in the production environment and going to be packaging it with a bunch of other goodies like a totally new UI

At the moment we aren't hosting for individuals (to circumvent future blacklisting) but we do work with uBlock Origin.


Using Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or the wide variety of analytics services?

You're not getting reliable and accurate data... at all.

With ad-blockers, blacklisting host files, and ad-blocking built into many services like VPNs, users are blocking everything from top to bottom, including your analytics service, meaning you don't get accurate analytics data.

We solve this by hosting our service under your subdomains. By pinging your own domains to provide you raw, unfiltered analytics, it's hard to get inaccurate data.


We collect the basics.

No Mixpanel type of behavioral analytics or Google Analytics' gazillion tentacles.

Just raw and simple page analytics.


Running on the edge and built upon a purely serverless architecture, we perform in super-speed over 194 of Cloudflare's data centers regardless of how many millions of users you're getting.



Cool Plan

Under 1,000,000 visitors a month


Rad Plan

Over 1,000,000 visitors a month

Pricing will change overtime. It's free for everyone at the moment for the foreseeable future.

So who built it?

Surya Dantuluri, an independent developer built it. He values privacy and security over anything else and found that current privacy analytics services were bulky and very pricey. So he decided to build an ultra-fast and cheap service for the masses. More on him: If you'd like to talk, just email him [email protected]!